We are a group of health professionals led by Dr. Juan Carlos Rivera García, a specialist in Anesthesiology – Reanimation who has more than 25 years of experience in Emergency.

In recent years we have dedicated ourselves to study, counselling and treatment of complex ulcers and wounds. One of our priority objectives is to look for innovative and effective solutions to face one of the biggest challenges that medicine has today: healing of chronic wound, which cannot be achieved using existing therapies.

After several years of research, we developed a unique treatment, which allows us to reduce tissue repair time, hospital stays and healthcare expenditure. All our efforts are aimed at discovering, developing, producing and marketing innovative hi-tech therapies and products for care, prevention and treatment of complex ulcers and wounds having different etiologies.

Our Vision

We commit to patients and healthcare professionals to deliver therapies having clinical benefits demonstrated in all healthcare environments, that improve results and help to reduce overall healthcare expenditures.

We want to significantly improve quality of life and survival rate of the patients immobilized due to serious injuries. Our commitment is to help people regain their wellbeing.

We have values that shape our Company. Our responsibility and professional dedication are our credentials. We take into account all needs of our customers, our objectives are focused on reducing pain, suffering and accelerating recovery, while constantly improving our products and services.

We deliver quality, and the value of our products and services provide quantifiable social and economic benefits. We want to build trust and establish lasting and close relationships, by ensuring quality, honesty and an ethical approach in our profession.