Challenge for wound treatment therapies

All ulcers affecting skin and deep tissues are considered a major health problem. They have major negative impact on patients quality of life and on the economy. In the Western Countries between 1-2% of the population suffer from chronical ulcers, for people older than 60 years this share is between 0.6-3%, increasing to 5% for people older than 80 years. Moreover, a recurrence rate of 30% can be observed. About 2-4% of healthcare budget of developed countries is spent the treatment of ulcers and complex wounds.

In the coming years, there is an expected increase of the cases due to increased life expectancy, the epidemic of Diabetes Mellitus and obesity, as a result of a major change in lifestyle and unhealthy diet. It is a global phenomenon, there are more than 9.7 mln venous ulcers and approximately 10 million diabetic ulcers estimated worldwide.

The standardised wound treatment is only successful in 30-75% of cases, depending on the country. The rest of them become chronic wounds, and it can take months or years for them to close up, or in worst cases it never happens. More than 40 mln cases of chronic wounds worldwide don’t close up, 10 mln of them are in Europe.

More and more active dressings appear every day, they generate conditions of suitable moisture for the healing of ulcers, improve the control of exudate and infections, protect their edges, but do not shorten the healing time of chronic wounds. Most existing alternative therapies for wound treatment are not effective, they are very expensive and many of them are not even supported by any scientific basis.

Introducing D.O. Therapy*

a novel advanced wound treatment

D.O. Therapy is a complementary treatment method, which accelerates the healing time of ulcers and wounds by more than 40%.
We have patented a system and designed a method for its application which allows us to have faster tissue repair time, shorter hospitals stays and lower healthcare expenditures. The application is very easy, painless and safe for the receiving person.
* Dermolfatotherapy


For Patients

D.O. Therapy allows to improve patients quality of life through faster healing of wounds. The application is completely safe and painless, it has no risk to a receiving person.

For Medical Professionals

The effect of D.O. Therapy is scientifically confirmed. The treatment is very easy and doesn’t require any additional staff education.

For Healthcare System

D.O. Therapy is affordable in compare to other existing therapies. Due to faster wound healing, it allows to shorten hospitals stays and reduce healthcare expenditures

How it works

The wound area is placed in a closed environment that is connected to a diffuser nebulizing + Plus Cells Oil – an oil containing synthetic sandalwood aroma. Suitable concentration of it in the air surrounding the treated area aids cellular regeneration. The stimulation of cellular migration and proliferation begins already in 20 seconds.

The used formula is based on natural oils rich in polyphenols, vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids with antioxidant, emollient and protective properties, which favour hydration, resistance and elasticity of the skin.

The regenerative effect of the therapy is scientifically proven by years of research.

What our patients say

“I began therapy with skepticism because of my previous experience, but I was really surprised by the evolution of my wound”
“For months I had an ulcer that affected my life physically and emotionally. I went to several doctors who treated me with different methods, but there was no improvement. D.O. Therapy closed my ulcer and allowed me to go back to be the same person I used to be.”
“If I had known this therapy before, I would not have lost so much time, money and above all quality of life. I can recommend it to anyone who is going through this ordeal.”


D.O. Therapy is based on + Plus Cells Oil and a specially developed device for its application

+ Plus Cells Oil


Two variants are available:

  • + Plus Cells Oil 50 ml – delivered in dark 50 ml bottle pump spray
    + Plus Cells Oil 15 ml – delivered in dark 15 ml bottle pump spray

The combination of oils used is made up of a natural oil base, rich in polyphenols, vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids with antioxidant, emollient and protective properties, that favour hydration, resistence and elasticity of the skin. Diluted synthetic sandalwood oil is an ingredient in many perfumes, air-fresheners, soaps, detergents and other cleaning and personal hygiene products. When used in the correct quantities, it stimulates OR2AT4 receptors in the skin, putting in motion a signalling pathway mediated by Ca, kinases and AMP´s, that triggers an increase in the proliferation and migration of cells by more than 30%, two fundamental processes that facilitate celular regeneration.



This is a nebulized diffuser, cold fogging, high power and special silence (35db). The oil bottle is directly integrated to the apparatus. Maintenance is easy. It has three power levels and controls diffusion time and pause. Height: 13,5 cm. Widht:11,5 cm. Depth: 6 cm.


The consumables used for the therapy include sterile plastic bags to create a closed environment around the wound are and adjustable bands to fix it.
There are two types of bags used:

–    40×40 cm bag with a bacterial filter for applying the treatment to the extremities
–    80x160cm bag with a bacterial filter for applying to the body.

An adjustable band is applied at the near end of the bag that is being attached to the treated area, in order to avoid any air leaks during the treatment.